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W. M. Bortz II, “Disuse and Aging,” Journal of the American Medical 6. American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and.

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An ambitious young congressional assistant, Jim Dillon has discovered a time bomb hidden away in America's Constitution- a provision that could be used to wrest power from the Chief Executive; a long-forgotten clause that could incite a devastating constitutional crisis Now, as a battle group steams toward a fateful confrontation in the Java Sea-commissioned by Congress and opposed by the President- Dillon finds himself in the center of a firestorm that rages from the highest court in the land to the killing fields half a world away.

And, suddenly, there is much more at stake than the life of a single surviving hostage and a superpower's military credibility -- as a great nation prepares for war Huston's exciting and exceptionally timely first thriller, isn't exactly Newt Gingrich "He was of average height with dark brown hair that was stiff and unruly. He wore it parted on the side, but the only time his hair looked neat was in the morning when it was still wet" but he is a hawkish, confrontational Republican who can't stand the idea that President Edward Manchester--a Democrat and a pacifist--is Commander in Chief of America's armed forces.

So when Indonesian terrorists hijack a new American supercargo vessel and torture the captain and crew on live TV, Stanbridge is delighted to discover a clause in the Constitution that lets Congress go behind the president's unwilling back and authorize military action on its own. This leads to a Constitutional crisis, which lawyer Huston describes crisply, as well as some air and sea military action, on which former jet pilot Huston also brings a lot of personal expertise to bear.

There's even a love story, involving top aides of the Speaker and the president, ensuring that Balance of Power will soon be playing at a movie theater near you. He lives in San Diego, California. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Mass Market Paperback. Condition: New. Remainder mark on the bottom edge. Quality Books. Because We Care - Shipped from Canada. Usually ships within business days. If you buy this book from us, we will donate a book to a local school.

If there are any problems, pleases ask us to resolve it amicably before leaving any feedback. Seller Inventory RS. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Avon. Seller Inventory NEW Come left to No ships. The radar screen made the Java sea look crowded. To his eyes it looked empty. He lowered the nose of the F and pointed at the ship.

They could see quickly it was the wrong ship. Caskey could see the white faces turned upward. They waved and the crew waved back. Caskey pulled back on the stick gradually until the Tomcat was pointing straight up. They approached the second ship from the bow. It was headed directly toward them, but not fast; the bow wave was small.

Caskey breathed in sharply. No one was on deck. With a telephoto lens on his hand-held 35mm camera Messer took as many pictures of the ship as he could while looking for evidence of a missile launcher. They passed the ship and banked hard right. The G forces pushed them down into their seats. Caskey pulled up sharply to get away from the ship without passing down the other side.

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As they reached ten thousand feet Caskey rolled the plane over on its back and pulled hard. The G forces built up again as the nose passed through the horizon and he pointed the Tomcat directly at the ocean. Caskey looked straight up and back through the canopy to the ocean and picked out the ship, stark in its white and red against the blue sea. As the nose approached the ship he relaxed the back pressure on the stick and pushed the throttles into full afterburner.

The G forces left the airplane as Caskey bunted the nose down to keep the Tomcat pointed at the target. They came out of their seats as the plane went to zero G— weightless. They could accelerate going straight up.

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  • But at zero Gs and pointed down, they could really accelerate. He kept the nose of the plane on the ship as they lost altitude.

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    • They were approaching the ship from the stern at 1. They would be there in three seconds. The moist air condensed behind them and left a vapor trail in front of their sound.


      Over his shoulder he could see a missile tearing straight toward the Tomcat. Caskey immediately put the F on its side and banked toward the ship in a 7 G turn. The wings were already fully aft since they were still supersonic. Caskey and Messer were thrown forward into their shoulder harnesses as the airplane slowed without afterburners as if hitting a wall of air. Washington shook his head and frowned, suddenly very angry. Soon enough. Washington stood directly in front of Bonham as he quickly scanned the horizon for other ships.

      Soon, fourth largest country in the world will get respect it deserves. Are you Japanese? The half that carried the Marines, the helicopters, the SEALs, and the people who wore green and went ashore with guns.

      The Wasp was the newest amphibious assault helicopter ship in the Navy. Its design was unique.

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      Not only could it operate Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier jets, the CH and CH helicopters, but the aft end of the ship contained a well deck in which hovercraft or landing assault craft could be launched and recovered. He was not in a good mood. But nothing like this. They usually had days to plan an operation. Now they were expected to leave in half an hour. He pointed to a spot sixty miles north of Jakarta. He looked at the overhead and thought some more. We got a photo from the F that the Constitution scanned and sent to us over the satellite, but you can see only a few men on the bridge.

      He put his hands on his hips and looked at the chart, then the ship. But who? Some combat ship from some navy? Who wants us to go so soon? He knew the Special Operations Command was not only the right command to run such an operation, it would be salivating to get the chance. Maybe the terrorists have something else in mind. No casualties. What the hell does that mean?

      ISBN 13: 9780380731596

      Are we supposed to go unarmed? I expect it means to minimize casualties. Simple as that. Is that what I am authorized to do or not? He listened for the sound. He began to speak in his native language in a way that made it clear he was giving orders to his men. He spoke for thirty seconds and set the microphone down. He turned to the captain.