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W. M. Bortz II, “Disuse and Aging,” Journal of the American Medical 6. American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and.

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William Gibson. I would be delighted if you would consider these episodes in the appropriate short fiction Hugo categories. The episodes I think are of special note I have marked above with asterisks.

Those of you nominating for the Nebulas or other awards , should you feel like nominating The Human Division as a novel, that would be swell. Look for it to go up tomorrow morning. John — you need to get cracking for next year: helm a movie, write and direct a television episode, edit one of the magazines and a couple of kick-butt anthologies AND produce another novel in serialized fashion. In fact, in I will have a novel, a video game and a graphic novel come out, which will be eligible to different categories novel, related work and graphic novel, respectively.

So you never know. The individual stories were great, but it was the larger story arc throughout the book that made me love it so much and has me eager for the next installment of whatever is going to happen to the B-team. Older daughter got caught in the Common App crash last night as she and a million other year-olds ignored parental warnings and pushed the January 1 deadline for many colleges, but it got sorted out hours later. Same thing happened for kids who applied on an early-decision deadline day in the fall, but systems were supposed to have been stress-tested this time around.

Congratulations on having so many nomination-worthy writings. Thanks for posting this. This helps me greatly.